Ramadan Kareem from Pita Cafe

Ramadan Kareem from Pita Cafe! In honor of this holy month, we invite you to please come in and try our monthly specials and amazing selection of the finest Middle Eastern cuisine! All of Pita Cafe’s specials are created fresh for your families and friends. We have specials for your Ramadan iftar gatherings. Specials include: Stuffed lamb- $250 Mansaf- $125 Qidrah- $125 Ozzie- $125 Grilled kabobs- $99 Lamb Shanks- $99 Please note that the above specials are for groups of ten.  Please stop by Pita Cafe for the most delicious Middle...

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Pita Café 15% Off Facebook Check In

Visit our Pita Café location and just check-in on your Facebook account and receive an instant 15% Off your entire bill.  Enjoy our Middle eastern delicious menu items that are  authentic and freshly prepared to perfection.  See you soon!

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Hot Deals

Check out our daily deals specials at Here! We offer a variety of menu items specials to enjoy your experience at Pita Cafe.

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Pita Cafe Video Intro

Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine, freshly prepared dishes, and friendly service, Pita Café has become a favorite among the community. We pride ourselves in offering hand-crafted, delectable dishes using the freshest ingredients with a new twist. At Pita Café, you’ll find a wide selection of sandwiches including shawarma, chicken shawarma and falafel. Indulge in our appetizers or treat yourself to a finely prepared entree that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or an exquisite meal, we invite you...

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Pita Cafe Warm Welcome

Pita Cafe food is part of a dynamic and immersive cultural experience. The Arabic cultures of the Pita Cafe find great joy in evenings filled with food, family and gregarious conversation. The people are family centric and exceedingly generous. For Arab and other cultures of the Pita Cafe cuisine is an opportunity to give to others, make friends and share in an impassioned life. It is in this spirit that Pita Cafe welcomes you to a great meal enjoyed with family and friends.

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