Stuffed Grape Leaves, Just One of Pita Cafe’s Specialities

Stuffed Grape Leaves, Just One of Pita Cafe’s Specialities

At Pita Café, you’ll find a wide selection of sandwiches including shawarma, chicken shawarma and falafel. Indulge in our appetizers or treat yourself to a finely prepared entree that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

One appetizer served fresh everyday at Pita Cafe is our stuffed grape leaves. It is one of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes with a unique history.

Also known as Dolmas, stuffed grape leaves is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes common in the Middle East and surrounding regions including the Balkans and Central Asia.

The stuffing may or may not include meat. Meat dolmas are generally served warm, often with tahini, egg-lemon or garlic yogurt sauces. Meatless ones are generally served cold. 

At Pita Cafe, our stuffed grape leaves are made fresh, with the finest ingredients. Try our 6 piece, grape leaves stuffed with Egyptian rice, vegetables and mint for only $5.

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